Measurement Solution

  • Mobile Mapping System (MMS)

    Provides high-accuracy measurement data through the use of cutting-edge photography and measurement equipment.
    This measurement data solution from Kokusai Kogyo promises to provide high level cost performance.
  • 3D City Model

    Creates high-quality 3D city model data through computer processing based on data acquired using high-resolution spatial measurement technology. The data can be used for precise spatial analysis of cities and for creating finely detailed computer graphics. This solution provides suitable data from simple models to highly accurate detailed models to correspond to users' purposes.

GIS Application Development Services

  • GIS Application Development Services

    KKC provides comprehensive GIS application development services based on own GIS.
    We specialize in designing, implementing, and integrating GIS applications for large enterprises and the governments.

    We develop:
    Enterprise desktop applications
    Enterprise web services and mashups services
    Web applications
    Geographic databases

Sales Forecast

  • Sales Forecast

    Utilizing its strengths as a GIS vendor to the fullest, Kokusai Kogyo's Sales Forecast Solution is a one-stop solution for the creation of sales forecast systems together with consulting for creation of highly accurate sales forecast models based on the company's vast experience.

Disaster Risk Assessment

  • Disaster Risk Assessment

    One of the leader in disaster prevention and disaster management in Japan, Kokusai Kogyo clarifies risk based on the location situation of your company and supports the formulation of an appropriate and efficient Business Continuity Plan (BCP) based on its experience of supporting disaster prevention administration at the national and municipal levels.

Indoor positioning Solution

Environmental Solution

Phase1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment

  • Phase1 Environmental Site Assessment

    Environmental site assessment that is the first phase in soil contamination investigations is performed without taking soil samples; people are interviewed and documents are collected to determine history of use of the land and the use of hazardous substances in order to assess the possibility of soil contamination.
  • Risk Assessment

    The risk of the possibility of contamination assessed in environmental site assessment is clarified through quantification, for example of cost, and comparisons are made with multiple real estate holdings to help build strategies for liquidation of the real estate.
  • Phase2 Environmental Site Assessment

    The second phase of soil contamination investigations is to take soil samples according to the contamination risk classification determined in environmental site assessment and assess the presence of contamination and obtain an overall view of the scope of contamination.
  • Groundwater Investigation

    In groundwater line investigations, groundwater investigations are carried out at low cost by directly driving water sampling tubes with built-in screens into the ground. In 3D investigations, existing observation wells are used to assess the groundwater contamination level in 3D.
  • Groundwater Contamination Flow Analysis

    To carry out soil/groundwater contamination prevention plans appropriately with in-situ purification with underground water pumping methods, for example, 3D groundwater contamination flow analysis is performed according to topographical, geological and other conditions and based on local testing results.

Phase3 Remediation

  • Bioremediation

    This is technology that utilizes the biodegradability of hazardous substances in microorganisms to break down those substances and purify the soil or groundwater that has been contaminated, mostly from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oils.
  • Electric Resistive Heating Method

    A current is applied to the soil to heat it and promote elution of VOC groundwater that has been strongly adsorbed into viscous soil particles or increase the fluidity of water by reducing viscosity, thereby effectively removing VOC contaminants.
  • Risk Communication

    Information about contamination is shared with buyers, sellers, and local residents and support is given to reach a consensus, to promote smooth soil contamination prevention measures and help businesses effectively utilize the land.

Environmental Management Service

  • PCB Containing Waste Investigation & Treatment

    Document Reviews and analysis are performed on transformers, electric capacitors, and ballasts that may contain PCBs and other PCB waste to help ensure their proper disposal.
  • Asbestos Inspection & Demolition

    Document Reviews and on-site investigations are carried out to determine the presence of asbestos in insulation and building materials and support is given to demolish asbestos containing structures.
  • Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing

    Fish (such as Japanese killifish), crustaceans (water fleas) and algae are exposed to observe the effects on survival and growth and assess the possibility of and impact of unregulated substances or multiple effects of chemicals.
  • Contamination Leakage Prevention

    Management systems are reconsidered and revised starting with methods of installing hazardous substance or oil handling equipment, or services are provided for each phase from routine inspection of equipment to planning repair.
  • GIS Environmental Management

    SonicWeb-i creates map data from various types of information held by customers that can be viewed, so that environmental information from the plant can be shared and becomes more transparent.
  • Biodiversity Conservation

    To ensure businesses continuously carry out sustainable business practices, the relationship between biodiversity and activities of the company are assessed comprehensively and quantitatively, and support is given to promote conservation.
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