• Map ASP service

    The map creation and distribution service for operators of commercial and personal websites that originally secure, new, and highly functional maps can be used on smartphone and PC sites without any copyright issues. This service can be used by real estate businesses for property information purposes and retailers for store information purposes.
  • Printable Map

    The service which distributes map data via internet that can be used for various guide maps, reports, etc. It can be used to simplify map usage procedures for various tasks and situations from compliance perspective.
  • Store Finder

    Commonly known as Store Locator, a package service including map information, search function, and data management tool. Using this ASP service, customers can quickly access to the store informations they need.
  • ArcGIS

    ArcGIS by Esri is the main name for its suite of GIS software products. Operating on desktop, server, and mobile systems, it is an integrated software platform which allows sharing and use of usable GIS software in wide-range of environments, including cloud systems, and GIS content and services which can quickly be used.
  • Google Maps APIs Premium Plan

    Google Maps APIs Premium Plan is paid service which allows use of Google Maps API for paid websites, membership-based websites, intranet sites, proprietary applications, etc. where use of the free version is not allowed due to regulations.

    GEOSPACE CDS is the service provided through map cache data (Raster Data) via internet. Utilizing the Microsoft Windows Azure™ Platform, it is possible to easily combine information with various types of GIS since different types of data are distributed with WMTS. It can also be used in offline environment where no external access is available.
  • MapFan API

    Increment P product MapFan API is map API service that enables users to use MapFan map/ location information on a variety of web systems. This API can be used to manage location information on intranet system, to connect operational systems to map services, as well as to provide corporate/commercial services on websites.
  • Pix4Dmapper

    Professional photogrammetry software that uses images to generate point clouds, digital surface and terrain models, orthomosaics, textured models and more.


  • Address-normalizing converter and geocoding tool

    This product standardizes addresses including those written in different formats, addresses which have changed due to municipal mergers, addresses which have changed due to a change in street name, and the way block and house numbers are written. In addition, by adding latitude and longitude information for addresses, it can be loaded into Google Maps, maps systems (GIS), etc. for customer analysis and other purposes.

Area Marketing

  • Marketing GIS

    Genavis EarthFinder / MarketFinder is loaded with detailed map data and large number of analytical functions which allows users to perform high-quality regional analysis. Analytical results reports allow users to quickly and easily create marketing data which supports the strengthening of effective marketing strategy planning.
  • Advertisement Distribution Plan Support System

    An ASP (Application Service Provider) type map linked service. This tool is designed to strengthen marketing power by improving business efficiency, strengthening analytical ability, and cultivating new customers for insert and advertising companies, printing companies, and client enterprises.

Disaster Information

  • Disaster Information Service

    Disaster Information Service provides the disaster informations at one stop. Disaster risk of the country, damage investigation after the disaster, and many other individual informations are gathered in one and provided through the internet.

Safety Confirmation Mailing Service

Indoor positioning information

  • Seamless Positioning Module

    A platform which provides positioning modules which make it possible to seamlessly measure positional information both inside and outside, and visualization and analysis service for action history and similar information obtained through positioning modules.
  • Remote Support Service

    Provides remote support service which uses position information and wearable terminals. Since work instructions are displayed on the screens of the wearable terminals, on-site workers can confirm those instructions without having to use their hands.
  • Indoor Navigation and Contents Providing Service

    The service which supports users in attracting customers to their commercial facilities, etc. by distributing content which uses indoor and outdoor position information as well as navigation. Since promotional and other information is delivered in real time, this service creates opportunities for potential customers to come to your store and utilizes user action history for marketing purposes.
  • Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™

    Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a product agent of Quuppa Oy. Quuppa Intelligent Locating System is a Bluetooth based positioning system. Typical continuous positioning accuracy for a Quuppa system is around 0.5 m (2 ft). If needed, even centimeter/inch-level accuracy can be achieved.
  • VIP Finder

    VIP Finder is a MICE Supported solution for serving room access management, facility navigation, business matching accuracy improvement, and event evaluation reporting.

API Delivery Service

  • Contents / Report API Service

    【PAREA-API】Genavis API distributing service (PAREA-API) is a group of APIs that makes web based mapping systems high performance and high added value.
    Use Case: Use with enterprise systems such as CRM, SFA and BI.
    【REPORT-API】REPORT-API creates/distributes a report that contains data gathered through PAREA-API.By now, REPORT-API includes "Disaster prevention report" "Surrounding facilities report” and "Statistics report".
    We are trying to increase the varieties of report.
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